Asda shopper spots awkward spelling mistake on ‘beautiful’ Disney teapot

Disney fans love collecting items inspired by their favourite films and characters – everything from cuddly toys to clothing and home decor.

A number of supermarkets sell themed Disney items, with Asda recently adding a few more pieces to their range.

Shoppers spotted Tinkerbell inspired teapots as well as cups and saucers in one of the stores and were quick to share their “magical” find on social media.

Posting on Instagram one fan shared a snap of the teapot, which costs £12.

The design features a silhouette of the fairy Tinkerbell, some dandelions and the words “Sprinkle a little fairy dust”.

Many were quick to brand the product “adorable” and “beautiful”.

However, on closer inspection, one fellow Disney fan noticed the teapot featured an awkward spelling mistake.

The word “little” is spelt incorrectly, having two of the letter ‘L’ in the middle, instead of double ‘T’.

They commented on @ifinddisney’s post writing: “Oh my goodness. There’s a spelling mistake!!!”

The user went on to urge Asda to please fix the error.

The original poster had already clocked the blunder, adding: “I’ve been waiting for someone to spot it.”

The spelling error is also visible on the teapot advertised for sale on Asda’s website.

The product description reads: “Create an afternoon tea setting fit for a princess with this Tinkerbell footed teapot from George Home.

“Designed in white with gold-effect detailing and charming ‘sprinkle a little fairy dust’ lettering, it’s a beautiful treat for a Disney fan.”

Asda is also currently selling Tinkerbell teacups which have “fairytale dreams” written on them and a pair of Lady and the Tramp mugs for Valentine’s Day.